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Infinity Remote

Bit Simple Solutions works with Teddington Systems to create a WIFI smart remote control for the Infinity gas fire from Charlton & Jenrick.

Infinity Fires App

The project began as a feasibility study with Teddington R&D and progressed through to produce iPhone and Android apps, now available on app stores.

"Bit Simple Solutions provided high quality, responsive technical support throughout this project - not only for the software Bit Simple Solutions produced, which included iPhone, iPad and Android mobile apps, and a standalone Windows executable test tool - but also assisting Teddington Systems with wider project goals. For example, Bit Simple Solutions' expert knowledge of networking and WIFI has been invaluable in directing how the firmware needs to set up the WIFI module."

Todd Dowty, Electronics Engineer, Teddington Systems.

The project was engineered to provide Teddington Systems with a base platform for future Internet of Things (IoT) products. The solution architecture was inspired by Google's Chromecast, which provides easy set-up of home network aware products.

Do get in touch if you have a product you'd like to link up to a smartphone.

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