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Founded in 2011 to create innovative Android smartphone apps solving real world problems.​


This was first app published by BitSimple Solutions after a friend and I had trouble meeting each other in Hyde Park.  He had an iPhone and I had an Android so I wrote an app to share my location as a Google map url via SMS.


In 2015 I'm here now underwent a complete rewrite, after, when cycling with friends in a remote area with poor mobile signal, one of our group got separated. When we were cycling and unable to answer, he would call us to find out where we were, and vice versa - what we needed was a way to temporarily share/track our locations with each other, via SMS, so I updated I'm here now to do just that.

I was inspired to create Where's the bus? after seeing my flatmate regularly miss the bus to work in the morning, even though the bus stop could be seen from our home, what he needed was an alarm to inform him that his bus was about to arrive.


I then thought about the reasons I didn't often use the bus, this boiled down to not knowing the best route, which stop to take the bus from and where to get off.  So I add features to Where's the bus? to plan bus journeys from my current location, or a specific location, to an address or marker on the map, I then linked this up with bus departure information and a route map, showing how to get to the stop to take the bus from, when the next bus is due and destination alerts to make sure I got off at the right place.


Then I added features to set bus reminders for a specific time (e.g. I want to take a bus home about 10pm) and to set a daily reminder (e.g. for a morning commute).


Finally I expanded Where's the bus? to cover the south and midlands, rather than only London.  Since creating Where's the bus? I've used public buses a lot more!




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